Kyoto was founded in 2001 at the time when Istedgade had a reputation of being a street with a rather raw and harsh atmosphere. Today Istedgade has undergone a huge development and is one of the most stimulating and trendy streets in Copenhagen with a lot of popular clothing stores, cafés and cocktail bars.

Also very close to the meat packing district, which is known for a lot of great places to eat and go out.

Istedgade has it’s own unique atmosphere and in 2003 it was awarded the most trendy place to live in Copenhagen by the fashion magazine Wallpaper. Some might even compare it to Soho, New York.

Kyoto started as a male fashion store with a predominant focus on jeans, but Kyoto grew parallel to the development of Istedgade and in 2008 the shop moved to bigger premises on the opposite side of the street.

Today Kyoto focuses on both male and female fashion.

With a focus on Scandinavian brands mixed with high-end fashion French Brands as APC and Kitsuné.

We also have a huge sneaker selection, with co-labs and limited releases.

All the collections in the store is carefully handpicked by the staff and the owner Kristian.

We try to give all visitors a very personal experience and want to inspire and excite our customers with the very specific choice of brands we carry, and at the same time make your visit as great as possible.

Our creative store layout is noticed the moment you reach the shop, together with the ambiance, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere which is felt the when you enter Kyoto, here we try to welcome all to our universe.

If you want to be updated with , news, staff picks and so on please follow os on instagram @kyotoistedgade, Facebook or just visit us at www.kyoto.dkinfo@kyoto.dk


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