CC OCN WEED T-shirt Taupe
CC OCN WEED T-shirt Taupe

CC OCN WEED T-shirt Taupe

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According to WWF, the production of an average conventional cotton t-shirt requires up to
2700 litres of freshwater. But as we speak, water shortage already affects more than 40
percent of the world´s population, and the problem is only expected to grow in the future.
Unlike conventional cotton, seaweed is a natural and regenerative resource that already
exists in abundance under the sea and needs nothing more than the water it already sits in.
That´s why we have developed a new material called OCN WEED®. The material contains
innovative seaweed fibres that safeguard the future bt saving water - unlike conventional
cotton, which requires extreme amounts of water when produced.
All this ensures that our OCN WEED® Unisex T-shirt isn´t just any kind of t-shirt. It´s a t-shirt
that challenges the norm, breaks tradition, and leads to climate-friendly alternatives.
Our OCN WEED® Unisex T-shirt comes in a slightly oversized fit, and we recommend
women to size down to get a regular fit.
● Contains innovative seaweed fibres
● Saves water
● Regular fit
● Women are recommended to size down

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