HTS ELITE RGS - Black/ Mellowbuff

HTS ELITE RGS - Black/ Mellowbuff

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The Elite Pro was developed for the adrenalin sport of Squash in conjunction with world Champion Nick Mathews, The original Elite Pro was designed to offer the athlete the ultimate protection and support in the fast paced game of the day.

It included a clever design incorporating an additional toe box overlay to offer durability and glide, combined cross section overlays on the upper also offered the ultimate in support in the demanding strike and positioning of the sport.  The Elite RGS is an update and a redesign of this modern classic silhouette maintaining many of the original design features but benefiting from the addition of the technically advanced Vibram RGS outsole.  The Vibram Rolling Gate System outsole has an innovative midsole and outsole combination that supports and the natural movement of the foot through the walking gate that reduces muscle fatigue.


The functional aspects of the upper still remain and the addition of all day comfort of the RGS outsole combine to make this truly and instantly comfortable shoe.

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