Pullover Waiters jacket black

Pullover Waiters jacket black

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Pullover is our men's brand. Our focus in our men’s collection lies in ready-to-wear pieces 
made of high-end fabrics and familiar street wear shapes. Like Leftover, we work in the intersection of art and street wear. We mix vintage styles, cultural references and high quality fabrics. 

Pullover’s lines are simple, clean and timeless. Our basic products are designed and produced to last a long time and we emphasize the quality of the fabric. We represent two kinds of durability:

The functional durability:
A product from the Pullover family is an item, where form, purpose and design goes hand in hand. The clothes are made to be worn on a daily basis, and are fit for reguarly wash, without loosing looks and quality.

The aestetic durability:
Our design is minimalistic, supplemented with a timeless and non-fashion form. Year after year, we stick to the same colours, qualities and fabrics.

Organic cotton 100%

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